Book Review: The World of Kong

The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island

This is a very fascinating book. If it was passed to someone who has never watched the movie, I would have no doubt that the person would believe that Skull island is real.

This book is like a journal written by a discoverer — think Charles Darwin. The pages are filled with amazing paintings of dinosaurs, animals, creatures, insects and the habitat. And every one of the illustrated is documented. The level of detail and thought behind can be seen from the documentation. There are no pencil sketches, only beautiful paintings.

No where in the book was any reference made to the movie. And that I believe is what gives this book the authentic feel.

There are 6 parts to the book featuring the different sections of the island:

  • The crumbling coast and village
  • The shrinking lowlands
  • The winding swamps and waterways
  • The steaming jungle
  • The Abyssal Chasms
  • The Barren Uplands

Kong only appears right at the end of the book. 9 pages including pictures were devoted to it. Some reviewers claim that it's too little. But this is essentially a book about Skull Island, not about King Kong, who happens to live on Skull Island.


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Hi, I don't know if someone

Hi, I don't know if someone will read this but I have a question. I bought a used version of this book and the size chart in the end of the book somehow sticks together, can someone give me an advice how to open it properly?

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