Book Review: Visions of Never

Book Review: Visions of Never

Visions of Never is a book that features six lesser known artists who create fantasy and sci-fi art. Included artists are Paul Lehr, Don Ivan Punchatz, Richard Bober, Rohb Ruppel, Marc Fishman, Mark Zug. I've seen some of their work in Spectrum art books.

There's a nice variety of style, from art you typically see on book covers to fine-art style paintings. There are strange and mysterious planetary art, low brow surreal, old masters and Frank Frazetta inspired pieces. Pretty diverse and different.

The essays are great. They are filled with lots of quotes and insights from the artists. You can read about their processes, influences, thoughts, and how they are affected by how other people think about their work.

This book is recommended for those interested fantasy and sci-fi art.

Some short reviews:

VISIONS OF NEVER is beautifully designed and showcases amazing pieces of art by extremely talented artists. I am looking forward to adding it to my collection of art books. — Greg Hildebrandt

An outstanding, must-have collection of six of the finest fantasy artists! Editor, Pat Wilshire's expertise in the field of fantasy fine art brings together in-depth commentary and rarely seen images, giving you a rare, inspiring glimpse into the brains of these creative geniuses. — Brom

VISIONS OF NEVER is more than a collection of work by six of the fantasy field's most accomplished wizards, it is a cultural document defining the perimeter of the genre in which it was created, revealing the compelling scope and style of the period with charm, authority, and imagination." 
— Jim Steranko

What an exciting book; well presented with pages full of inspiring art work — Justin Sweet

For years I’ve desperately wanted comprehensive collections of the art of Don Ivan Punchatz, Richard Bober and Paul Lehr. VISIONS OF NEVER has finally given them to me and even included other worthies Marc Fishman, Robh Ruppel and Mark Zug in with the bargain. This isn’t one art book, it’s six and I’m thankful that the Wilshires have taken the time to put together such a thoughtful and beautiful compendium. — Arnie Fenner/Director Spectrum Fantastic Art LLC

An insightful and wonderful overview of six visionary artists…a welcomed addition to any art book library. — John Jude Palencar

From the classical to the eccentric, from the hip to the visionary—there is something of the inspirational for virtually everyone who values the art of the imagination. This is a book BY art lovers FOR art lovers: beautifully reproduced paintings by an eclectic selection of artists, with intelligent and even entertaining commentary, for the most part by the artists themselves. This is a book I would look at to get my imagination working on those rainy days of the artistic soul, and even (rarer yet) actually read. — Stephen Hickman

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Always great to see less

Always great to see less exposed, but acomplished artists get the spotlight, and have their work printed.

They really seem to be very eccletic and inspiring.

It's specially interesting to see the other art of Doom cover fame, artist Don Ivan Punchatz, who recently died.
See more here:

Looks like a very good buy.

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