Book Review: Tres Logos

Tres Logos

This book packs a lot of logos, over 2800 of them. I got that number from the back of the book and it's much more than the previous two volumes Dos Logos and Los Logos. Regardless of the actual count, let's just say that there are a lot of logos.

There are two points to note, though.

First, the designs are really experimental. There are lots of unusual logo applications. While the logos have style, they lack the elegance, and hence you won't see any big name client examples. Many I guess are designed for short term usage, for events, products, etc.

The other thing is, logos featured from the same design firm have similar styles. While they look different, they feel the same. When I'm looking at a series of logos, sometimes it's hard to tell them apart.

The large number of logos featured makes this a good resource for ideas. However, if you're looking for classy logos, this might not be the book for you.

The paperback actually has a cover that's quite hard, so I won't recommend the hardcover if it cost much more.

Tres Logos - 01

Tres Logos - 02

Tres Logos - 03

Tres Logos - 04

Tres Logos - 05

Tres Logos - 06

Tres Logos - 07

Tres Logos - 08

Tres Logos - 09

Tres Logos - 10

Tres Logos - 11

Tres Logos - 12

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