Book Review: Trackless Paths

Trackless Paths - 01

Trackless Paths is a book collecting wise sayings accompanied by illustrated animal characters. They are drawn by Joshua Chiang from Cerealbox Studios.

When I saw the cover art, it reminded me of the Daily Zoo artbooks that also feature animals.

The illustrations are beautiful. Joshua Chiang has his own nice style to caricaturing the animals.

The wise sayings are from different cultures, religion and prominent figures such as Buddha, Lao Tzu, John Lennon, Mother Teresa and more. There are around thirty over quotes. The book's quite thin at 84 pages.

With each drawing, there's some commentary on where the saying comes from, and Joshua Chiang also talks a bit on his art like the choice of animals.

You can find the book at Kinokuniya. ISBN is 9789810747480

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