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Tim Burton

There's news that Tim Burton's coming up with an art book called The Art of Tim Burton. It's going to have 434 pages and should be released soon or early next month. This is not that book.

This book simply titled Tim Burton is an exhibition promotion book. It's published by The Museum of Modern Art to accompany the Tim Burton exhibition that's running on 22 Nov 2009 to 26 April 2010. The exhibition is going to have over 500 pieces of art created by Tim Burton himself.

In this book are only 64 pieces of art, and there are only 64 pages. You'll see coloured sketches, storyboards and sculpted models. It's a bit underwhelming but at least his creation and ideas are really cool to look at. Some of his work date back to the 80s when he's just starting out. Even then, his sense of design and artistic style is already established. There are also a few pieces of his personal work which are not related to movies.

For those interested in the story of Tim Burton, there are two essays of his inspiration and career, briefly looking through the different stages of his life.

I wish for a more detailed biography in the future. Tim Burton has created too many good movies and animation not to have one.

This little book should serve well as an exhibition guide, but will definitely leave the fans wanting more.

I highly recommend holding back the purchase of this book to see what The Art of Tim Burton has first.

You can check out more work from Tim Burton at

Tim Burton - 01

Tim Burton - 02

Tim Burton - 03

Tim Burton - 04

Tim Burton - 05

Tim Burton - 06

Tim Burton - 07

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Hi Parka and interested

Hi Parka and interested others,

I am keen to get The Art of Tim Burton (Standard Edition; recently re-released), and I have a way to cut down on shipping costs (which will be cheaper with more orders). This method involves the use of VPOST - - which provides a US mailing address based in Oregon. Steeles Publishing will deliver the book to this address for US9.99, and VPOST will deliver from Oregon to Singapore for S$13.40 (fixed charge) + S$8.20/kg* (weight & fuel charge).

This works out to a total of US80 + VPOST charge to be divided by the number of persons who are ordering.

Do email me at if you are keen.

Cheers, KG

* The book looks quite hefty (4kg?), so weight/fuel charge will approximately be S$32.

I got the Art of Tim Burton

I got the Art of Tim Burton for a friend's birthday. My friend's a big fan. The problem was getting it shipped from the US to Hong Kong where I live. The book + shipping (only FedEx was available) would have cost three times the cost of the book alone, so I ended up asking relatives to help me, which took longer but much cheaper. I'm not a big Tim Burton fan, and this book is all about his art, paintings, sketches and so on. There is conceptual artwork for his movies, but no final photos or stills from the movies themselves. If you like his quirky style, you should get this. I'm not that impressed with his artworks.

"underwhelming" for sure.

"underwhelming" for sure. This Tim Burton Catalogue sucks. So, I'm redesigning it as a graphic design project at RISD. Eagerly awaiting the new Tim Burton book! It's bound to be much better. I can't wait to see it on here b/c I can't afford to buy it!

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