Book Review: Six-Penny Anthems Volume II

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Six-Penny Anthems Volume II is a silly and funny book from the twisted mind of Kevin Cornell. It's a compilation of cartoons and humorous writing from his website Bearskinrug.

The pages are filled with short snippets of musings. You can find out how to blame the devil for bad luck, reinvent children drawings into prophetic visions, understand the secret life of the sock monkey Mojo, and other random ideas.

At the back are imagined letters from readers which are pretty hilarious. Like these two below.

In truth, I was already quite familiar with your argument, and the current academic atmosphere regarding portrayal of Vikings. I took great pains to avoid some anachronisms. Please note, the horns you see on my Vikings are not attached to the helmet, but actually grow out of their heads.

Well, the light bulb he's picturing is actually an ideal light bulb, Notice it never burns out. That is because it is made with idea tungsten.

Nothing is too random or stupid to be included.

Highly recommended if you need a laugh. Check out his website for more jokes.

Six-Penny Anthems, Volume II. is available at Amazon (US) and Bearskinrug

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I'll have to check out that

I'll have to check out that book. I have another book of his called "The Wippins Campaign" which I recommend to anybody who is a working graphic designer. It's a short story about an evil queen commissioning a logo, it's pretty out there and yet so true.

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