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Singapore Sketchbook - 01

This is the second edition of Singapore Sketchbook. The first was published in 1995 and the second was in 2001. I like this book more than the Oxford Sketchbook and London Sketchbook, both also by Graham Byfield. It could be I'm biased since I live in Singapore.

Featured in the sketchbook are the watercolour paintings capturing the older streets and buildings of Singapore. These are buildings of shophouses, houses and colonial buildings from the past, some dating to before World War II. For me, it's nostalgic looking at the buildings, some of which have undergone restorations. Many, if not all, the buildings in the book are still around.

There are captions for all the paintings the describe the sights and scenes.

I wanted to point out the publication dates earlier because this book only presents one side of Singapore, that from the past. Singapore has been developing at a tremendous rate for the last 10 years. You don't see the modern side which are represented by the high-rise housing blocks, glass covered offices, and the many recent attractions added, such as the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands and the new Financial Centre, Gardens by the Bay, Sentosa and many more. Perhaps there is a need for a updated and expanded edition.

Overall, it's a beautiful sketchbook recommended to watercolour and sketchbook lovers.

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