Book Review: Sayang Singapura by Lee Xin Li

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I discovered this book at a hippy store in Singapore called Cat Socrates there they sell lots of novelty stuff.

Lee Xin Li is currently an architecture student and illustrator who's based in Singapore. Right after buying the book, for the next few weeks, I started to noticed quite a few of his artworks floating online. There's a big one where he worked with Singapore Tourism Board although I cannot remember exactly what that was all about. The only thing I remember is it was a very detailed illustration that has a comic vibe and the colouring he uses to render light is wonderful.

The book features illustrations of interesting landmarks in Singapore, sometimes going back in time to feature places that have made way for urbanisation. It's really nostalgic looking at all the places, especially the ones that I've not been to because they are no longer around. There were many enlightening moments when I went through the book, especially when I see modern landscapes merged with buildings from the past. A short description accompanies each illustration.

The artworks are highly stylised with comic outlines and digitally coloured. It's a bit cartoony in look and feel but the illustrations are also quite detailed. It's quite an unusual style but distinctive style. The colouring is nice and I like how the lighting is rendered in every illustration. There seem to be this glow, the type of glow you usually associate with the golden moment, a photography term that refers to the light during sunrise and sunset.

Sayang Singapura is a book to check out if you are from Singapore. It will bring back lots of memories.

I guess this book is only sold locally in Singapore since the content is only something Singaporeans can relate to.

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