Book Review: Rift

Book Review: Rift

Rift is an unique book, designed in an accordion-book format. It is about the size of a palm and comes with a beautiful slipcase.

The art is haunting and beautiful, as you would expect from James Jean, one of the very talented artists of our times.

When the covers are pulled apart, two pieces of art are displayed on a wide canvas, intersecting each other. To see each art piece on its own, you collapse the sections belonging to the other piece. Gold paint is used on top of the actual print for selected elements, like the rain and ornaments. On the other side, you have the sketches displayed in the same format.

With its creative presentation, this book is a work of art for its construction and content.


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Rift - 01

Rift - 02

Rift - 03

Rift - 04

Rift - 05

Rift - 06

Rift - 07

Rift - 08

Rift - 09

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