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Rebus is an exquisite book. Large format, trimmed pages with red edges, 240 pages thick.

Rebus is a collection of James Jean's personal and commercial paintings from 2001 to 2011. In 2001, he was 21 and had just graduated from art school. This book is very impressive considering how much he has achieved over the last 10 years.

Some of his work which appeared in other publications are also collected here. There are Fables covers or his life sketches. There isn't much duplication overall.

There are work from his Kindling exhibition. Some of them have appeared in the similarly titled poster-book Kindling. There are his personal works, commissioned work from Prada, the panorama illustrations that appeared in the accordion book Rift. You might have seen them on his website, some are published in the book for the first time.

The illustrations are beautiful, haunting and inspiring at the same time. It's surrealism that's uniquely James Jean. These images are best seen than described. There are also some photos from his exhibition.

I only have one minor quibble and that's regarding the presentation of his panorama illustrations that span 8 pages. They aren't printed as gatefold pages which is the more appropriate way to present them, and possibly the best way they should be seen.

Rebus is an enthralling collection. Highly recommended for any James Jean fan.

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"with the exception of his

"with the exception of his work for Fables and his sketches"

Can anyone say wich fables works are here ?

Because the Fables Covers artbook ends on the cover of the 75th issue..... and his last fables cover was the 81th issue, with the cover for the 81 being one of the most beautiful works from him (a version of the pieta)

Kind of off-topic if you

Kind of off-topic if you don't mind. I wonder where you usually get your new books from? Amazon? I usually purchase new artbooks from as the prices are cheap and justified and the quality of the books are brilliant. However when it came to buying Rebus, every website except is expensive, which is understandable. I was feeling reluctant at first but finally had the guts to buy Rebus via and I got it delivered within a week. However to my disappointment, the page edges were bent and the redness is wearing off. It was in a horrible condition that I even contacted and they said I should send it for a full refund. It's going to be a long process, but I am bummed for I was very much looking forward to owning that precious book. I decided I wouldn't buy anything from because whenever I get books from there, my books would not be in a 100% perfect condition but none of them bothered me until Rebus. Anyway just curious about your case ...

Hi, do you know the


do you know the differences between the "Rebus" reviewed and this one edited in France ?
(Obviously, the cover is different and the text has probably been translate in French, but do you know if the illustrations are still the same, if there are bonuses...).

Thanks for your answer.

I have stopped buying books

I have stopped buying books through amazon (UK) and (US). I live in new zealand and EVERY time i purchase books through them they arrive in a box that is damaged and the books have busted corners and to return the books costs me greatly as amazon always wants the books returned or else you have to pay twice..

Bookdepository all the way.

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