Book Review: President Obama: The Path to The White House

Time Magazine has produced a gem of a book in this special commemorative edition on President Barack Obama's election campaign. I'm reviewing the paperback edition, which is essentially the same except the covers look different.

The stories included are ones that have been published by Time over the months. They have, however, been given a change in title. The stories look not just at the campaign itself, but also at the life of Obama. Every piece is a wonderful read, quality as one would expect from Time.

Accompanying the stories are some really great photography and photojournalism. Each photo tells so much story in itself, such at the ones with Michelle Obama playing the hoops with her children while daddy looks on, or the one where daddy Obama walks his kids to school, or even my favourite one with Obama's well worn shoe in foreground (appears on the paperback edition).

The paper stock is low gloss and exceptionally white. The text and pictures are reproduced brilliantly.

Overall, this is a piece of history well worth collecting.

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