Book Review: Pixarpedia

Pixarpedia - 01

Pixarpedia is the ultimate visual companion for all the Pixar movies and shorts, from Toy Story to the latest Up. It's filled with details like character bios, fun facts and story arcs. It even includes characters that weren't named in movies, like the multiple cars from Cars and utility robots (and rejects) from WALL-E, and a whole lot more.

The layout of the book is beautiful and high resolution pictures are used throughout. This is a book made for fans who can't get enough of Pixar goodness.

Pixarpedia - 02

Pixarpedia - 03

Pixarpedia - 04

Pixarpedia - 05

Pixarpedia - 06

Pixarpedia - 07

Pixarpedia - 08

Pixarpedia - 09

Pixarpedia - 10

Pixarpedia - 11

Pixarpedia - 12

Pixarpedia - 13

Visit the link beside to read more reviews on Amazon. If you buy from the link, I get a little commission that helps me get more art books for review.

Pixarpedia (US edition with the big PIXARPEDIA background cover) is available at: | | | | |

Pixarpedia (the European edition with the whiter cover) is available at: | | | | |

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