Book Review: Notre-Dame d'Orsan

Notre-Dame d'Orsan

This sketchbook is on the gardens of Notre-Dame d'Orsan, as sketched by Fabrice Moireau. The whole book's in French so I can't make out what's saying inside. I don't think there are editions in English.

The subjects here are quite different from buildings Fabrice Moireau usually draws. Control of watercolour on the plants are looser. It's medieval style gardens with vines, plants, trees, and ancient monasteries. Still, the sketches captures the charm of the place and the people tending to the gardens beautifully.

It's a small square size hardcover with only 72 pages.

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 01

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 02

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 03

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 04

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 05

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 06

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 07

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 08

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 09

Notre-Dame d'Orsan - 10

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