Book Review: Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm

Naughty and Nice: The Good Girl Art of Bruce Timm - 01

>Actually before this book, there was a teaser for this book and with the same title. It was a limited edition and had only 16 pages. Now, the real deal is finally published.

This is a huge hardcover book at 304 pages filled with wonderful pin-up drawings from the masterful Bruce Timm.

The illustrations are beautiful and quite large on each page, which usually has just one girl. Much are nude drawings. Very seductive. I like the poses. There are some horror themed pieces with vampires, and the last few pages have drawings of DC superheroes such as Batgirl, Catwoman, Supergirl, etc.

If you like Bruce Timm's art, this is a volume not to be missed.

Pictures are NSFW
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I ordered this book through

I ordered this book through Amazon and for whatever reason it'll be shipped later this month. It's frustrating but worth the wait. I skimmed through the book at a comic book store and let me tell you...this book is awesome!

Bruce Timm doesn't get enough praise as an artist. His women are gorgeous. Thanks for posting this Parka. Definetly the first must buy book for me in 2012.

Isn't the hardcover only

Isn't the hardcover only available as a -now sold out- signed limited slipcased edition from publisher Flesk?
Other than that I've only seen it listed as a paperback, which is what I got.

This is an absolutely stunning book!
As simplistic as his style may appear to be, his drawings are anything if not splendid, Timm is an incredible artist.

I have to say that I was a bit disappointed that the 'superhero/comic' art was mostly just DC Comics, I would have loved to see more variety included, he's done some really cool Marvel stuff. Even if it would have been at the expense of some nudes, nice as they are.
But other than that it's definitely worth the money!

Was kept on alert when

Was kept on alert when bookdepository had in stock because I saw it on parkablogs in the 'coming soon' section. Thank god I kept my eye out for it!

Everywhere kept saying unavailable, and shipping from US was going to cost over $100!? Luckily bookdepository sold through amazon before Amazon had it themselves and before bookdepository said they stocked it! And after I bought it, it was out of stock again! I still had a wait to get the book, but well worth it, simply gorgeous artwork.

I advice anyone to keep watching those websites for when stock comes in daily. For UK people, Forbidden Planet also stock it.

Bruce Timm may have a

Bruce Timm may have a simplistic style, but he sure knows how to draw beautiful women. This book looks like its has everything - nude women, violence against women, Deja Thoris, vampire women from Hammer movies, DC superwomen... How is it good girl art by the way?

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