Book Review: Mondo Erotica: The Art of Baldazzini

Roberto Baldazzini is an Italian illustrator known for his erotic illustrations and comic books. His career spans over 30 years and this book collects some of his comic pages, covers, pin-up illustrations and other artworks. There's also a pretty lengthy interview.

His comic art and techniques are great, but the subject can be controversial. There's nudity, sexual acts, unnatural sexual acts and ladies with penises. This is a book you do not want lying around randomly at home.

This book is meant for those already familiar with Roberto Baldazzini's work. If not, I'm pretty sure you'll be shocked.

Due to the explicit nature of the images from this book, I decided not to include the pictures, but you can still check out the flip-through video below. Or you can just do a Google search for Roberto Baldazzini art. What you'll see in the image search results is pretty much what's in this book.

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