Book Review: Liquid City Volume 2

Liquid City Volume 2

Liquid City is back with volume 2. It's a comic anthology with contributions from various Southeast Asia artists such as Sonny Liew (also editor here), Straits Times artists Miel, Charlene Chua and many others.

I enjoyed this better than the first volume. The storytelling felt better. Most of the stories have influence relating to South East Asia, and these are some of the better stories compared to the others where that context isn't that strong.

There are a few stories that I like. Paper City from Dave Chua and Koh Hong Teng which is about funerals and the making of the burnt offerings, Nguyen Thanh Phong's travelogue sketches which was fun to read, Sonny Liew's conspiracy story on Singapore's escaped terrorist Mas Selamat, Ivan Song's tale set in the future where cities are submerged by sea. My favourite story is the family road trip to East Java drawn by Sheila Rooswitha Putri. It manages to capture all the fun quirks when a family travels together.

Comic anthologies are hard to review because the stories are disparate. But I think Liquid City is a good way to expose the works of these artists to the rest of the world.

This book is published by Image Comics and you should be able to get it at major bookstores. You can check out more information at, including the full list of featured artists.

Liquid City Volume 2 - 01

Liquid City Volume 2 - 02

Liquid City Volume 2 - 03

Liquid City Volume 2 - 04

Liquid City Volume 2 - 05

Liquid City Volume 2 - 06

Liquid City Volume 2 - 07

Liquid City Volume 2 - 08

Liquid City Volume 2 - 09

Liquid City Volume 2 - 10

Liquid City Volume 2 - 11

Liquid City Volume 2 - 12

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