Book Review: Lift Off

Lift Off

This book is a selection of sketches and digital paintings of surface vehicles Scott Robertson has done over the last ten years. The work is collected from his personal, professional and educational examples. The vehicles are grouped by type, namely spaceships, hovercraft, game vehicles, aircraft, lefties and airships.

There are a lot of sketches, ranging from abstract to fully formed with construction lines. Each set of illustration is captioned to explain to concept.

Looking at the designs, most of them are conceptual and experimental. So this book might serve as a resource for some inspiration when doing vehicle designs.

Lift Off - 01

Lift Off - 02

Lift Off - 03

Lift Off - 04

Lift Off - 05

Lift Off - 06

Lift Off - 07

Lift Off - 08

Lift Off - 09

Lift Off - 10

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