Book Review: The LEGO Book

The LEGO Book

The LEGO Book comes in a sturdy slipcase. Inside, there's with another book called Standing Small which is on the minifigure. The books are very beautiful.

Holding the slipcase with the books reminds me of the LEGO toys I had when I was a kid. I only had three, a 4x4 wheeler, a propeller plane and a 1989 Space Police spaceship — whose box art is featured in the book! I love them.

For anyone who has owned a LEGO toy, The LEGO Book will be a nostalgic read. It goes way back to the days when Ole Kirk Kristiansen first founded the LEGO Group. It was in 1934, before the plastic bricks were invented, and Ole Kirk was still selling wooden ducks. From there, the company grew by leaps and bounds to become one of the well known brands. Today, it produces 36,000 bricks every minute!

This is a wonderful book that looks at the history, various themes of toys released up to late 2009, special licensed toys, theme parks, and other events and activities held by LEGO and its fans worldwide. As with DK Books, it's filled with tons of pictures, including really cool photos of its high-tech factory in Denmark. There are bits of interesting information everywhere.

Standing Small looks exclusively at the LEGO minifigure. The variety is just amazing, from the popular pirates to licensed ones like Indiana Jones, Batman and many more. They have really captured the imagination of not just kids but adults as well — just check out the number of homemade LEGO videos on Youtube.

This is a brilliant book at an amazing price. Highly recommended to all who love LEGO.

The LEGO Book - 01

The LEGO Book - 02

The LEGO Book - 03

The LEGO Book - 04

The LEGO Book - 05

The LEGO Book - 06

The LEGO Book - 07

The LEGO Book - 08

The LEGO Book - 09

The LEGO Book - 10

The LEGO Book - 11

The LEGO Book - 12

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The LEGO Book - 16

The LEGO Book - 17

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The LEGO Book - 21

The LEGO Book - 22

The LEGO Book - 23

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the lego patent ran out this year.
we´ll see how the story continious...

The patent has run out long ago. Imitations like Mega Bloks and those Chinese made bricks have existed for a long time. Still Lego's quality and innovation continues to be the top building toy.

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