Book Review: Illustrators 51

Illustrators 51

First, the good. It's a thick 556-page illustration tome with a great variety of illustrations and artists featured. All sorts of medium are included.

The bad or maybe not. Stunning breathtaking illustrations are few.

That's not to say that the quality is low. Many of these artists are very technically capable. I find it hard to see the meaning/story/idea for some illustrations, especially for those what don't come with any artist commentary. This is particularly so for art in the "advertising" section where it's difficult to see what's the image is trying to sell. It's either that or I totally don't understand what advertising illustration is, probably the latter.

While the illustrations are nice to look at, they don't possess that page-pausing allure. Taken out of context, these illustrations lose a bit of their strength, even though they might have been printed on established magazines like Fortune or The New Yorker.

Overall, I guess still a decent book that can provide some ideas and inspiration.

Illustrators 51 - 01

Illustrators 51 - 02

Illustrators 51 - 03

Illustrators 51 - 04

Illustrators 51 - 05

Illustrators 51 - 06

Illustrators 51 - 07

Illustrators 51 - 08

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Illustrators 51 - 12

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