Book Review: French Milk

French Milk

French Milk is a sketchbook travelogue on the author Lucy Knisley and her mother. They spent 6 weeks together travelling in Paris. It seems pretty long for a holiday but hey, it's Paris!

Using her brush pen, she records her adventure in the new city, visiting museums, dining, shopping and taking pictures. Through the single panel cartoons and writeup, we're let how she sees the world as a young adult. She's 21 when she drew all these.

While there are few days where she gripes about stuff, the charm of the book is really her relationship with her mother. There are funny moments like her mom being an early riser, talking and annoying the hell out of her. It's really an interesting look at how close they are. Even though her mom is divorced, her dad still went over to Paris to celebrate her birthday. Through her thoughts and flashbacks, we also know how she feels about her friends, and more about what kind of person she is.

It's strange but during these six weeks, there's not much mentioned about the interactions with the locals. It's just mainly sightseeing like any other tourists.

If you're wondering why the title is French Milk, it's because the author Lucy Knisley prefers the milk in France compared to milk in US.

French Milk is a predictable but charming travelogue. Ultimately it might be hard to relate to if you're not in her age group or have travelled to Paris.

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