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Fante Bukowski - 08

Fante Bukowski is an interesting short comic by Noah Van Sciver. The comic is published by Fantagraphics and printed in a handy palm-sized format, much like those Penguin Classic. It’s quite different from the usual comic book format.

But then Noah Van Sciver is a different kind of comic artist. He writes and draws his own comics, with a refreshing style that's quirky and honest.

Fante Bukowski is the eponymous hero of the comic as he tries to pursue his dream as a writer-except he can’t write. The dialogue in the comic is hilarious and you want to empathise with this flawed character as he struggles along the way. Any aspiring artist will be able to identify with Fante Bukowski at some point in this comic -- the self-doubt and the desire to be recognized.

Van Sciver’s line art and colors complement the style of his comic well and although it may looked “raw” to some-it has a certain integrity and appeal.

The comic is a funny read and I really like Van Sciver’s writing as they are keenly observed and self deprecating somewhat. Fante Bukowski is one of those rare comics that makes you want to read more of his other works.

You can see more of Van Sciver’s works at

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