Book Review: Eva Goes Solo

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Here's the new comic book from my friend Evangeline Neo, aka Eva.

I enjoyed this book much more than her earlier book Eva, Kopi and Matcha. Her first comic book collects comic strips that look at the differences between Singapore and Japan. In this book, it's sort of her autobiography in comic form.

I've followed her blog since the early years and many stories I've read are included in this book. The book is a frank look at her journey in Japan and in life, from pursuing a master's degree to her struggle to become a full-time comic artist.

It's inspiring to read about her experiences, such as staying in dirty dormitories, finding a place to rent, dealing with earthquakes, pollen, and the ambiguity of Japanese culture and behavior. It's often funny and left me laughing out loud at times. But mostly, I find it an inspiring read because she has come so far as a blogger and comic artist but her journey ahead is still tough. I've read her complaints and rants on her Facebook page and all that gives me the additional context to enjoy the book more.

I'll give this book two thumbs up. Highly recommended to all her fans and aspiring comic artists.

You can get this book at major bookstores in Singapore, Malaysia and even on Amazon.

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