Book Review: Comickers Art

Comickers Art

For anyone who's just starting out drawing manga style, this book provides useful information on colouring.
Different colouring tools are introduced. Each are explained on their characteristics and tips on using them.

The featured artists in this series are Saya Iwasaki, Hiroki Mafuyu, Ayumi Kasai, Hamlet Okinawa, Renji Murata, Kim Jyung-Tae and Houden Eizo. These artists goes through tips on their colouring process with their tools: markers, coloured ink, water colour, acrylic paint and digital colouring. These are step by step tutorials with detailed captions.

Additionally, there are Q&A interviews with some of the artists.

Right at the end is a gallery containing illustrations created from a variety of medium. These are from other manga artists.

This book is a great book for beginners. Experts might learn something new too, especially on exploring new colouring techniques and medium.

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Oh yeah,jus a litle

Oh yeah,jus a litle wonders,does this book include how to care your colour equipments like copic,pen nibs,or somehing>
i hope i does..since i dont have a clue how o take care of em,hehe ^^;

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