Book Review: Cien Ollas by Maria Isabel Lopez

Cien Ollas - 01

Special thanks to Maria Isabel Lopez for sending me a copy of her artbook to feature here on the blog.

Cien Ollas is a personal project of Maria Isabel Lopez where she challenged herself to to develop a visual project over a period of 100 consecutive days. The challenge was actually proposed by They Draw and Cook, a website of shared illustrated recipes, and the subject should be related to kitchen and food. So Maria Isabel Lopez chose pots and pans and began painting.

All the paintings in the series can be found with the hashtag #ahundredpotsandpans on Instagram. A few were selected for inclusion in this small 76-page paperback. There aren't enough pages to feature all the artworks but at least they are printed large.

Pots and pans are mundane subjects to paint but even so, that does not make them easy to paint. It's not easy to capture reflections or metallic textures but all those were captured and painted so wonderfully. The way the lighting and reflections are captured are all spot on. I'm not sure what media is used for the paintings though.

The only text seems like an introduction but it's not written in English so I won't know what it's talking about. There's a piece of paper included with English text though that explains the project.

It was a great challenge and the results look great. Overall, a wonderful book.

Check out more art from Maria Isabel Lopez at

Cien Ollas - 02

Cien Ollas - 03

Cien Ollas - 04

Cien Ollas - 05

Cien Ollas - 06

Cien Ollas - 07

Cien Ollas - 08

Cien Ollas - 09

Cien Ollas - 10


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