Book Review: Business Graphics

Book Review: Business Graphics

This book is a collection of design applied across all sorts of corporate marketing materials. The variety included is great.

Materials included are logos, stationery, brand campaigns, brochures, newsletters, websites, sales collateral, packaging, financial publications, annual reports, direct mail, promotional items.

For depth, the book has 15 case studies. Each describes the project goal, design problem and solution. In these case studies, we get to see how design is applied across different design medium.

Graphic designers doing corporate projects should find this book useful. Marketers too.

Business Graphics - 01

Business Graphics - 02

Business Graphics - 03

Business Graphics - 04

Business Graphics - 05

Business Graphics - 06

Business Graphics - 07

Business Graphics - 08

Business Graphics - 09

Business Graphics - 10

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Great collections here!!! I

Great collections here!!! I think brochure must be very much informative, descriptive. rather than too much images, main product/service images must be included, high resolution, clear and big images looks better.

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