Book Review: Book Art

Book Art

Thanks to Page One for providing this book for review.

Book Art is a collection of sculptures and installation art created from books.

It's fascinating to see what people can physically design out of these books. There are Japanese rock gardens carved onto the page edges, books soaked until they look like coral reefs, carving of a gun out of a book, carving of an actual house inside a book and many other ways of creating display art from them.

This book should be sold at all Page One bookstores. The ISBN is 9789812459176.

Below are some pictures of these stunning creations.

Book Art - 01

Book Art - 02

Book Art - 03

Book Art - 04

Book Art - 05

Book Art - 06

Book Art - 07

Book Art - 08

Book Art - 09

Book Art - 10

Book Art - 11



Thanks so much for reviewing

Thanks so much for reviewing this, it looks fabulous! Some of those photos look like they would be more accurately categorized as "paper art" rather than "book art" but amazing nonetheless; definately going on my "must buy" list.

Are there no plans for this to be released for sale on Amazon or at other retailers? It doesn't seem like they ship international yet. I suppose I can call back home to have a copy purchased and sent but it would be unfortunate for others who don't have such contacts.

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