Book Review: Big Format Advertising

Book Review: Big Format Advertising

This book isn't just about big format advertising, but also on some really good creative advertising. The many ideas collected here are very creative. I was smiling at almost all of them, and a few made me laugh.

The ideas are actually quite simple but they make clever use of the context to present a memorable and attention grabbing ad. An example is an ad placed by a dental service at the bowling centre. A huge face is printed on the wall at the end of the lane, with the mouth at where the pins are. When the pins get knocked down, we get an image of a broken teeth.

Some were interactive. A zoo had a display board filled with hundreds of small magnifying glass so that you can see through a bug's eyes.

Some made clever use of the medium. A Kebab restaurant made a cement mixer look like a giant kebab rotating while it's being cooked. The restaurant was packed on the first day.

One display was even alive, with real fish swimming, in front of a plate. I probably don't have to say what it's advertising.

Many are so good they became talking point for the public and media. You might have seen the giant soccer player displays for Euro 2008 soccer tournament even though you're nowhere near the ad, or the Wonderbra ad that made bosoms so big they broke the display they are held in.

The great thing is some of the ideas are not that difficult to execute. There are also examples of effective print displays placed strategically.

This book is a great resource for ideas to start the brain storming session for your next outdoor project.

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ISBN: 9789810849528 or 9788496823778
Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Basheer Graphic Books (2010)
Language: English

This book was borrowed from Basheer Graphic Books for review purposes. You can order the book from them. Check with Basheer on Facebook or visit their website.


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