Book Review: The Art of Top Cow

The Art of Top Cow

Mine's the paperback version and it's really huge and thick. This 320-page volume collects some of the best work from Top Cow. There's art from Witchblade, The Darkness, Cyberforce, Aphrodite, The Magdalena, Hunter-Killer, Universe, Weapon Zero and other smaller titles.

If you read Top Cow comics, you should know of the quality of art. The illustrations are reproduced brilliantly in high resolution showing all sorts of detail down to the minute brush strokes. There's no commentary but every illustration is credited. Some of them also come with the pencil sketches and layout before the inking stage.

The impressive lineup of artists whose work are featured, just to name a few, are Marc Silvestri (who drew the cover), Michael Turner, David Finch, Frank Cho, John Cassaday, Greg Horn, Jim Lee and many more. The work from them are really top notch — the colouring, line art, design, etc.

I think there might be some duplication of work if you have other Top Cow art books, which I don't. The book description says that it combines The Art of The Darkness, The Art of Witchblade, and The Art of Marc Silvestri, together with additional work from other artists. If you don't have the other books, this volume is pretty much the collectors edition.

Recommended to all Top Cow and comic art fans.

The Art of Top Cow - 01

The Art of Top Cow - 02

The Art of Top Cow - 03

The Art of Top Cow - 04

The Art of Top Cow - 05

The Art of Top Cow - 06

The Art of Top Cow - 07

The Art of Top Cow - 08

The Art of Top Cow - 09

The Art of Top Cow - 10

The Art of Top Cow - 11

The Art of Top Cow - 12

The Art of Top Cow - 13

The Art of Top Cow - 14

The Art of Top Cow - 15

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I love Top Cow to death. Witchblade is my favorite series since childhood but I didn`t know this artbook would include so many pages and so nice art. I think I will buy this one next year, definitly. Thanks for the awesome review.

Got the Hardcover today and wow... it`s huge and thick and full of art in high quality. Highly recommended to everyone who enjoys comics.

Just added to my shopping cart.

Really appreciate the work your doing.

I will definitely be checking for more reviews before I buy.


Thanks to you, this is one of the best art book I bought this year. Very high quality art by various talented artists. I have the Hardcover edition and the quality of the book itself is also amazing...


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