Book Review: Art of Silver

Art of Silver - Stephen Silver

The third edition of The Art of Silver now sports a white cover and includes an additional 16 pages of art. So it's a bonus for those who don't have the book yet.

Stephen Silver is a character designer who has created characters for top animation studios like Warner Brothers, Disney (Kim Possible) and Nickelodeon (Danny Phantom). He also teaches at, CalArts and Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts.

The Art of Silver is his personal sketchbook filled character sketches, a few caricatures and figure drawings, as well as some work he did for various animation studios. He uses a variety of medium including pens, colour pencils, markers, charcoal, etc. The myriad style and versatility is amazing, as it's the asset of a good character designer. Be it the rough sketches or smooth lines, all his characters have character and looks fun.

Throughout the pages, he also shares a few tips on drawing and creating characters, including how he manages to create so many different styles. There's even a short but inspiring autobiography on how he started out.

Character designers should find this book an interesting reference.

You can find the book on Stephen Silver's website as well as on Amazon.

Also be sure to check out his blog for more of his work.

Art of Silver - 01

Art of Silver - 02

Art of Silver - 03

Art of Silver - 04

Art of Silver - 05

Art of Silver - 06

Art of Silver - 07

Art of Silver - 08

Art of Silver - 09

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