Book Review: The Art of ReCore

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The book may be thin with 112 pages but it's still a decent companion to the game.

The concept art included are split into characters, technology, environments and storyboards. For some reason, designs for all things mechanical in this particular game reminds me of Portal. It is like what would happen to the robots in Portal if you let them evolve further, and tougher. What we have are battle worn robots that with friendly beveled edges, round parts and orange paint. Enemies are more feral looking with sharp edges.

There aren't a lot of characters. Just main ones Joule, Kai, Dr Adams and Victor. But you do get to see lots of design iteration for them. The concept art for characters and robots are a mixture of drawn and 3D rendered art.

Environment art looks great although I felt a lot was focused on concept of a base deserted in desert. The rest are art for the corrupted caverns.

Lastly, the storyboard section features speeding painting style black and white scenes. There are too few and disjointed to form any sort of meaningful narrative. It would have been cooler if they have included mood paintings.

Overall, it's a nice artbook. I felt that it's quite thin when compared to other video game artbooks and there aren't a lot of text.

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