Book Review: Art of Kian

Art of Kian - 01

Here's a new sketchbook I saw recently at Basheer Graphic Books a few days ago. The 21x21cm 100-page paperback was created for STGCC by artist Kian. There aren't much information of this artist, about where he comes from and his portfolio. I think it's a missed opportunity whenever an artist choose to present him/herself like that.

This sketchbook collected work that he has drawn from 2014-2016. They are mostly pen and ink line art with occasional painted pieces. The technique is great and perhaps Kian is a comic artist. The subject matter is mostly about a man, a bear and occasionally other elements. This same man and bear will appear as a motif throughout the book. The art is good.

This book is available currently at Basheer Graphic Books. It's also available for sale at Kian's Etsy page.

Check out more work at

Art of Kian - 02

Art of Kian - 03

Art of Kian - 04

Art of Kian - 05

Art of Kian - 06

Art of Kian - 07

Art of Kian - 08

Art of Kian - 09

Art of Kian - 10


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