Book Review: The Art of the Croods

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The Art of the Croods is one of my top favourite artbooks for this year.

Every page is a luscious display of gorgeous art. There are plenty of fun and wonderful character designs and sketches. The environment art are filled with inviting colours covering exotic locations. You know that heightened sense of awareness you get when you're traveling overseas? I feel a bit like that just from looking at the background art. It's a beautiful colourful world.

Creature designs are real fun and you get to see the many different ways of creating cute. There are a lot of cross species mix and match which somehow reminds me of creatures from Avatar The Last Airbender but the style here is much different. And there are the flora designs of all the places in the movie. There are a lot of details to take in.

Chris Sander's on board as director but you won't see much of his art. However, you'll see art from Carter Goodrich, Dominique Louis, Shane Prigmore, Christophe Lautrette and many other talented artists. The art director is Paul Duncan. The art team is amazing.

This book is a treat to the visual senses.

Highly recommended.

Do not miss out on this.

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I haven't seen this movie yet

I haven't seen this movie yet, it looks extremely well made, but something about the trailers just isn't doing it for me.

The few pages of concept art shown here look a lot more interesting than anything else I've seen about the movie so far.

Now I'm conflicted.

I had the same kind of feelings about Rise Of The Guardians last year.
Didn't care, saw concept art, got excited, saw movie, walked out disappointed.

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