Book Review: Apple Volume 3

Apple Volume 3

Apple is a Korean comics anthology, a collection of comics and illustrations from some of the top Korean illustrators around. Volume 3 continues the tradition with the usual vast variety of styles.

The only complain which I have against the volume is still the discontinuity of some stories. Not all the stories from previous volumes are continued here. It's already quite hard to follow a book that publishes yearly, even harder if the stories not continued. It's not really a big issue though.

The quality of art is really great. Most of the comic panels are lavishly painted so it's really a visual treat for anyone. There are quite a few beautiful splash pages. There are also plenty of interesting characters to look at from the comics.

My usual recommendation for Apple is still to treat it like an art book rather than a comic book to avoid disappointment.

Apple Volume 3 - 01

Apple Volume 3 - 02

Apple Volume 3 - 03

Apple Volume 3 - 04

Apple Volume 3 - 05

Apple Volume 3 - 06

Apple Volume 3 - 07

Apple Volume 3 - 08

Apple Volume 3 - 09

Apple Volume 3 - 10

Apple Volume 3 - 11

Apple Volume 3 - 12

Apple Volume 3 - 13

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Who's the artist featured at top? The one with the Bullet Belts guy, girl with pink hair, and guy with blue hair? Great blog btw n__n

Looks like the art is more unique this time around.

You wouldn't happen to know the artist who drew the picture at 0:29 on the left?

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