Book Review: Animals Real and Imagined

Animals Real and Imagined

This book made my face light up. Packed in this 160-page book is a collection of new artwork from Terryl Whitlatch. You won't see any of her Star Wars creatures that appeared in The Wildlife of Star Wars - you should probably get that book as well.

The gallery consist of paintings and sketches of real and imagined animals. The designs for the imaginative creatures are beautiful and believable. There are sea, land and flying creatures. Great variety.

Many sketches are included, some picked from her art classes. For selected creatures, they are so detailed separate drawings on the muscular anatomy and bone structure are included. Scribbled on the sketches are labels and notes, though a bit small but only because there's so much packed onto the page.

Besides creature concept art, there are also stylized character designs. Rocket rhinos, psychotic pandas, comical cerberus, cupid frogs are just some of the many animated ideas. They are really fun to look at.

This isn't an instructional book so there aren't pointers on how to draw, but you can get lots of ideas or understand what's possible just by looking at the drawings.

This inspiring book is highly recommended to anyone who loves animal art.


There are both hardcover and paperback editions available. Links are below.

Animals Real and Imagined - 01

Animals Real and Imagined - 02

Animals Real and Imagined - 03

Animals Real and Imagined - 04

Animals Real and Imagined - 05

Animals Real and Imagined - 06

Animals Real and Imagined - 07

Animals Real and Imagined - 08

Animals Real and Imagined - 09

Animals Real and Imagined - 10

Animals Real and Imagined - 11

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You can also order the book from Design Studio Press.

Parka, this is amazing!

Thank you for this great review. I'm beginning to get into exaggerated animal art thanks to Peter de Seve and Terryl has a perfect blend of real and exaggeration.

Wow just blown away.

COOL. Really appeals to the kid in me. I can't wait to flip through!

i preordered it already :)
alas, amazon germany claims to need a few weeks to send it to me - so thanks for the peek

I have both the Star Wars Wildlife book, as well as the Katurran Odyssey one. I love her art, so I pretty much will get this one as well, sooner or later! Thanks for all your reviews, without you, I wouldn't even be aware that something new got released!

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