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All Over Coffee - cover

All Over Coffee is one of the best sketchbooks I've ever seen, and now one of my favourites.

All Over Coffee is actually a comic strip for the San Francisco Chronicle. It's a comic strip without the comic. The strip is about San Francisco paired together with Paul Madonna's writings. The book doesn't collect all the strips, but you wish it did when you're on page one.

Paul Madonna's art is wonderful. His style is loose yet controlled. The location drawings of San Francisco evoke a strong sense of presence, of being there, looking through Paul Madonna's eyes.

Each piece is rendered with beautiful ink wash, tones carefully placed. Even the texture of the paper he uses seeps through to give the drawing personality.

The architectural details are captured wonderfully making this a book that you always go back to, to get inspired. In some ways, you can never finish reading this book because of that.

Highly recommended.

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