Book Preview: The Art of Doug Sneyd

Book Preview: The Art of Doug Sneyd

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The scintillating cartoon works of Doug Sneyd, an artist for Playboy magazine since the early 1960s, are now collected in this stunning art book. This book features the most lush, sumptuous, striking, and hilarious of Doug’s full-page cartoons. Readers will be charmed with the lovely scantily (and even non-) clad “Sneyd” girls and the one-line jokes they so ably illustrate. Don’t miss this collection by one of Playboy’s veteran cartoonists!

This book includes a foreword by Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, an introduction by Lynn Johnston, cartoonist of the nationally syndicated strip For Better or For Worse, and reflections from the artist himself!

  • Nearly three hundred full-color cartoons!
  • Featuring cartoons previously unpublished by Playboy magazine.
  • The deluxe limited-edition collection features an exclusive print inside the book that is signed by the artist, presented in a handsome slipcase, and limited to one hundred copies

The Art of Doug Sneyd - 01

The Art of Doug Sneyd - 02

The Art of Doug Sneyd - 03

The Art of Doug Sneyd - 04

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Can't wait for this. I love Playboy cartoons. Another book that I love is Eldon Dedini's art book w/DVD included. Anyone interested in Mr. Sneyd's book ought to look for an artist by the name of Eldon Dedini.

Thanks Parka for posting this I've been waiting for this post for awhile.

ooh, this is going to be worth a look. i adore how well he portrays the fawning demeanour of his doofus-like guys. also, how much these doofus-faces are so extremely doofus.

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