BK 3001, the cheapest wireless Mac keyboard (review)

I was surfing on Gearbest when I discovered that they sell really cheap keyboards and mouse. Some of the prices are frankly unbelievable. There are wireless mouse selling for less than US $10! I know things from China are cheap but I didn't know that they are that cheap.

Anyway, I bought a wireless Mac keyboard by the name of BK 3001. It looks like those wired Apple keyboards but without the cable.

This keyboard was designed for use with Mac and iOS devices.

I'm not sure why they have Apple, Android and Windows on those buttons.

These are shortcuts from the Mac laptop buttons.

The body of the keyboard is plastic. It's light. The keys are not very different from Apple keyboard keys. But because the keyboard is light, typing on it feels a bit hollow. If they had used heavier plastic, the experience would be so much better.

The keyboard uses two AAA batteries.

Here's the size comparison between US $11 BK 3001 and the out of production Logitech K811 that I bought at US$78.

The Logitech keyboard is also made of plastic. But because the plastic is heavier, they keyboard feels more substantial.

I had no problem pairing BK 3001 with my Mac. Using it was alright. The overall typing experience is still decent enough. When I consider the price of US $11, it's seriously worth the money, even if the keyboard feels a bit cheap.

Downside to the keyboard is, not all keyboard shortcut works as expected. For example, in Lightroom, I want to change the filename with FN+F2 but I can't, nothing happens. It's like the Fn key is spoilt or something. Fn+Delete to backspace also does not work. When I want to shut down the Mac with Cmd+Alt+Ctrl+Del, I can't as well, nothing happens. I'm sure there are some other shortcuts that do not work.


You can find this keyboard at https://www.gearbest.com/ipad-keyboards/pp_576049.html?lkid=14543567

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