Artograph LightPad Light Box

The Artograph LightPad Light Box is an improvement over the earlier LightTracer model. It also seems to be quite popular among artists and even photographers.


The LightPad looks durable, is lightweight and comes with a protective cover. It has a nice metal frame too. It also comes with simple case for storage.

It's relatively easy to transport and put away. It's slim which is good because you can even keep it straight up on a bookshelf, just like a file.

The paper does not move much on the glass.

The LED lighting really helps to create an evenly lit surface. And the technology is suppose to last longer too. It's bright and can go through several sheets of paper, or even watercolour paper.

The LightPad comes in 4 sizes. The size and models are:

If you're working on A4 paper (8.5 by 11), then you should get at least the 12 by 9 inch model to get some good space around the paper.

The 12 by 17 model is just slightly larger than A3 size.

Compared to the Artograph Light Tracer II

Artograph Light Tracer II
Artograph LightTracer II is cheaper than the LightPad, and understandably so. It's uses a fluorescent bulb so there appears to be a gradated look on the surface, which actually is not really a big issue. The bulb is at the top so the bottom is dimmer. The construction is plastic as compared to the sturdier build of the LightPad.

LightTracer is also bulkier and not easy to keep, especially if you're low on space.


This is a good light box for those serious about art, such as animators and comic artists, or for photographers who want view negatives and slides. It's very helpful for those who create frame by frame animation where you have to stack several sheets of paper. There are favourable Amazon reviews from Tattoo artists also.


Cord is short. You can even get a external rechargeable Artograph LightPad battery if you don't like the cord, or can't reach the power plug. Or save some money and get an extension cord.

Artograph also sells these things called PadPucks to help you adjust the angle or lift the LightPads. They are sold in 4 per package. You can use them individually or stack them up.

And finally there's the carrying bag if you need to transport your LightPad around. Comes in four sizes for the A920, A930, A940, but no A950.

There are 5 pockets outside and 2 slots inside.

Here are direct links to the Artograph Light Pad on Amazon. You can read over a hundred reviews for all the models.



I have the 12x17" Light Pad

I have the 12x17" Light Pad and I adore it. It doesn't heat up like the Tracer, and (this may be just me) the paper actually sticks to the Pad by static so I don't have to tape it down and can just rotate as needed, even when working practically vertical. They're pricey, but still cheaper than any other light box of comparable size, and a lot lighter and slimmer. It was 100% worth the splurge for me.

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