Art Tools of Kerby Rosanes

Kerby Rosanes (DeviantArt | Facebook | Twitter) is a Philippines-based artist who works as a graphic designer by day, and doodles at night.

His artworks are usually rendered with meticulous line work. His whimsical characters and creations from imagination are wonderful. The style is bold and striking.

In this interview, we'll talk about the drawing tools that he use to create those illustrations.

Qn: Let's talk about your pens first. What pens do you use? What do you like about them?

I use Uni Pin Fineliners. What I like about them is that they are light, feels very comfortable when used and most especially, don't smudge on my sketchbooks. The tips are felt tip with sizes ranging from 0.05 to 0.8. For larger areas that need to be entirely black, I use Sharpie black markers to save time.

Qn: How long can the pens last? Have you considered using technical pens that are refillable?

For my Moleskine drawings, one pen can last for approximately 8 hours of continuous drawing and can fill up two or more pages depending on the complexity of the doodle.

I have tried using refillable pens before but most of them are just good when used for the first time and not once refilled. The strokes will vary — depending on the number of times the pen was refilled. I don't have all the patience.

Qn: What are some of the other drawing tools that you use besides the pens?

The markers, colour sticks, pencils. We'll talk about paper and sketchbooks further down.

Aside from the pens I also use oil pastels, rulers, sharpie markers, a drawing tablet and the good old pencil.

Qn: Have you tried other pens before?

Yes of course. I tried different multiliners before from different brands before I settle down on using Uni Pins which I felt more comfortable and reliable.

Qn: I see there's a Wacom tablet there. What model is that? What type of artwork do you use the tablet to create? What do you think about working with a tablet vs working with pens?

It is a Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch. I use it in refining, cleaning up and coloring drawings on Photoshop or creating an entire digital doodle work. I don't use it often though since I still prefer everything done the traditional way.

Qn: What sketchbooks and paper do you use? Do they work well with your drawing materials?

I use a regular A4 multi-purpose paper for most projects or just quick sketching sessions. I use a Canson A3 drawing sketchbook for more complicated drawings. My first ever sketchbook dedicated to doodling is the Berkeley Sketch Pad with pages same as with the quality of a regular watercolour paper.

Most of the time, I always bring with me my Moleskine pocket sketchbooks for quick doodling when boredom strikes.

Oh by the way, I also tried using a blackpad before to explore more possibilities in drawing but I haven't been making any progress after drawing in two pages of it. Probably a new goal for next year.

Qn: For the Moleskine sketchbooks, do you draw on every page? When you scan the drawings, does the drawing from the previous page make an impression on the scanned pages?

I draw on every page-spread. When you are using a Uni Pin on a Moleskine sketchbook, there is a least chance of making an impression on the current page from the drawings of the previous pages when scanned. The pages in moleskine are sturdy and thick enough to avoid it. And that's one reason I like about this sketchbook.

Qn: Who else do you think we should feature next?

Swedish artist Mattias Adolfsson who has been a great inspiration for me. Google his name and you'll see why you need to feature him next. :)

That's all for Kerby Rosanes. Thanks!

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