Review: AOHI Starship 40000 mAh laptop power bank

Review sample provided by AOHI

AOHI Starship is a portable 40,000 mAh (144Wh) power bank with support for PD3.1 fast charging speed up to 140W. This power bank can be charged while charging up to three other devices.

Packaging looks interesting. Design of the power bank looks stylish. The dimensions measure 172 x 53 x 66 mm. Weight of 900g is heavy, which is not surprising considering the huge battery capacity.

There’s a huge glossy black plate on the side but only a small section is used to show the charging status and info. The LED display is useful since it shows the charging speed for all the ports, the one USB-C in, two USB-C and one USB-A out. Unfortunately the display is quite dim so it's difficult to see what's shown when outdoors.

40,000 mAh (144Wh) is a lot of battery capacity. There’s enough power to charge a 100Wh Macbook Pro 16 fully and some more.

The main selling point of this product for me is to charge laptops. If you just want to charge your phone or tablet, you can just get a smaller and lighter 10,000 mAh power bank.

When all three ports are used, the charging speed is maxed out at 60W, 60W and 18W. When just one USB-C port is used, charging speed can go up to 140W depending on the device that’s being charged.

I have a laptop that requires at least 80W to charge. This power bank is not able to charge that laptop when it’s also charging another device. So make sure to check the minimal wattage that your laptop needs. My Macbook Pro, another Windows laptop and Windows tablet are able to charge even at lower 60W.

The power bank can recharge itself to 80% in one hour, or 100% in 1,5 hours, tested with a 100W wall charger.

The only other thing included in the box is this short charging USB-C cable.

Lastly, if you have to bring this keyboard on a flight, make sure to check the maximum battery capacity the airline can legally accept.

To conclude, this is a power bank that works as advertised. The huge battery capacity is the main selling point and the downside or compromise is probably the weight.


The AOHI Starship is available on AOHI online store.

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