23 Watercolour Lessons by Stan Miller



Dear Mr. Miller,

Dear Mr. Miller,

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful lessons you have given. Painting is one of my favourite hobbies and I always felt that your portraits stood out in comparison to the portraits done by other artistes.

Your lessons were an eye opener for me. I am not a professional artist and I have not learnt art. But I always had an eye for beauty and tour works always captured my attention.

Thank you for making the world colourful with your works and also giving hope to a lot of art aspirants through your lessons.

I look forward to see more of your lessons. Maybe it is high time that you publish books so that I can also be a proud owner of your collections.

Thank you once again.

Reju Mathew Zacharia.

Dear Mr. Miller,

Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you so much for making your knowledge available. Your videos have been very helpful and informative.

Keep up your excellent work.

I look forward to viewing more of your work.

Kind regards,

Annabel from South Africa

My friend and I signed by for

My friend and I signed by for your class at Dillman's in late June. We're very much looking forward to it and hope that the danger from this horrible virus has passed and we can meet and learn from you! Hope this class comes to fruition!
Carol Gilbert, Flossmoor, IL

Dear Mr. Miller,

Dear Mr. Miller,

Thank you for your inspiring lessons. We live in Canada and are housebound at present. What better pursuit than learning from a master.

Best wishes,


Dear Mr Miller, I wanted to

Dear Mr Miller, I wanted to thank you for these amazing lessons. Coming back to art after a very long time, I have really appreciated the foundation techniques that you are teaching. In these days of tight restrictions in the UK, following your classes has given me a wonderful lift and lots to practice. Thank you!
Jane Bridge, Cambridge, UK, 9 January 2021

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