Book Review: The Art of Finding Nemo

The Art of Finding Nemo

This is the cover I love the most of all the Pixar books I have. The beautiful pastel drawing is from Ralph Eggleston, production designer for Finding Nemo.

This book will only enhance that feel-good feeling after watching the movie, probably several times if you have kids.

The book is filled with character studies, set designs and lighting studies. Most of the panels were captioned to explain the art direction behind. You'll feel as if you're going on a tour at the Pixar studio, looking at art with artists talking to you. There are a lot of pastel storyboards drawn for lighting studies. They are gorgeous with with nice textural feel to them. The colour theory used for the movie is explained by Ralph Eggleston.

This is for fans of Finding Nemo, Pixar and great art.


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Hi, I'm working on doing a


I'm working on doing a mural of finding nemo for a friend's baby room - she wants an underwater scene from the movie - with coral and fish but she wants it to look like the movie. From what I see in your pictures, it looks like the art in the book is more painting like and not digital looking as in the movie. I wanted to buy the book, but I can't really tell from the pictures, and was hoping you could help me with that. It wouldn't make sense to buy it unless it looks like the movie art, because she's very particular that it looks exactly like the movie. I'd be grateful if you could help.

Thank you!

Hi there, thanks for the

Hi there, thanks for the great review! I just bought this book and it's really beautiful, I really love it ,the pastel drawings are amazing. I was wondering what other Pixar art books you would recommend the most? I've just order Toy Story since it's available again, and unfortunately Monsters Inc. is just too expensive, so excluding those, which do you think are the best? Thanks! x

Hey Parka, just thought I'd

Hey Parka, just thought I'd notify you that this book seems to now have gone out of print. Amazon USA and Amazon UK both don't sell the book themselves, they are only sold on the marketplace.

Thank God I bought it when I did! Thanks to yourself of course!

ha ha...ya thats what i

ha ha...ya thats what i thought.....i only have books from insight editions and i must say they are amazing ....they have given me months of stuff to draw and gain inspiration especially the nico marlet designs and rudolphe guenoden dyanamic sketches and alex puvillands awesome environmental drawings....its awesome glen keane is the man ....cant wait for the tangled art book....ive heard its really great if you love glen keane and let's be honest who doesnt!! :D guessing on buyin the rango book along with a pixar art books just to get a taste of all diff. types but of them all im guessing art of ratatouille and finding nemo art the best.....i think im gonna go with finding looks diff. and also a lot to study about colour which i need a bit of help with!!

This book is a lovely jewel.

This book is a lovely jewel. Canadian order 11 months ago (!), but now I have it. WoW! It is one of the very first major art books and is a quality book. The drawings/sketches are done by utterly creative hands and you can see amazing fine details. Apparently, a treasure box was found at the bottom of the Atlantic -next to Nemo's place- because the availability of the book is now better than ever before :)

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