Book Review: Liquid City

Liquid City is a compilation of short comic stories from artists in Southeast Asia. If you've read the Flight series by Kazu Kibuishi, this anthology is somewhat similar except in style and storytelling. Sonny Liew is the editor for the book, and has his contribution inside.

There are some really weird stories in the book. A few times weirder than the weirdest stories from the Flight series. This is especially true for Leong Wan Kok's Metamorphosis which is the first story. Kenfoo's two entries are more horror comics — think David Cronenberg's The Fly horror.

Then there are some truly nice stories that talk about culture and way of life the characters are in. The Pouch Puppeteer by Koh Hong Teng and The Trip by Lat are two examples.

There is a great collection of artistic styles used, ranging from duotone, sketchy, texture-styled to simple line art. Some, well, doesn't appeal to me while others are really great.

I felt that storytelling aspect for some stories could be better.

Be sure to check out the Liquid City blog. There are more previews there. You can also find the list of artists who have contributed and their websites.

Thanks to Jonrob for providing the book for this short review.

Liquid City - 01

Liquid City - 02

Liquid City - 03

Liquid City - 04

Liquid City - 05

Liquid City - 06

Liquid City - 07

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