Book Review: The Art of Monsters Inc

The Art of Monsters Inc

This book is filled with plenty of character design and set drawings. There's practically no text except for the captions and credits.

The collection of concept art is very colourful, especially the pastel drawings by Dominique Louis and Ralph Eggleston. Every panel drawn by them is a delight to look at. The variety and style is great since numerous artists are commissioned to create in their own style. We get to see the many conceptual drawings for Scully and the other monsters.

The art is created with different mediums, and this is before digital painting became popular.

It's highly recommended for all Pixar fans.


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This book is really awesome.

This book is really awesome. You by chance have the slightest idea of where I can get a copy of this?. I've searched numerous online bookstores, I smirked at the prices, total insanity. A new one is close to 2grand in Malaysian Ringgit. I've called and searched local bookstores as well, MPH, Kinokuniya, Borders, Populars, Basheer, Basheer Singapore...gah, u name it. Even emailed the publisher myself, they said they ain't printing it anymore. This is book is real rare.

Sigh, you got friends willing to sell it to me?

Kudos on a great site. I've

Kudos on a great site. I've become a huge fan of video game art books in the last year and am slowly moving to other areas. My personal favorite is picking up the preorder bonus art books that GameStop offers.

On another topic, I've been debating something for a while and would like to hear your thoughts. Since the value of Monsters, Inc has escalated recently due to lack of availability (English version, anyway), do you anticipate the other Pixar volumes will fall out of print and see similar price hikes?

I'm mildly interested in picking some of the books up, but am debating if I should start with the oldest readily available (i.e. Finding Nemo) and work my way up. Unfortunately, I don't have the disposable income to pick them all up at once.

I have a "brand new" copy in

I have a "brand new" copy in English, signed by the author Pete Docter and also signed by "Boo". 1 of a kind. Authentic signatures, my friend knows the author.
What price would you be willing to pay?


I'm 11 years old, I want to buy an art book from Pixar. What do you recommend most? I don't like WALL-E. Also, is "Wreck It Ralph" and "Tangled" art books a great choice for my own birthday present?

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