Drawing Contest #4: Kung Fu Santa

This contest is closed. Check out the entries.

Picture source: vyusseem

It's been a long time since the last contest. This contest is inspired by the holiday season, in particular, Santa Claus and the animated film Kung Fu Panda.


The theme is to drawing a kung fu-style Santa Claus.

Since kung fu implies action, your illustration must show Santa in action.

You can redesign any aspect of Santa but he should be recognisable so you might want to keep his beard and his red and white colour theme.

Additional props, weapons, characters or backgrounds are optional unless you think they can aid your visual.


I will pick my favourite as the winning piece. Let's see whose Santa can kick the most ass!

The winner can choose any art book(s), under a total $50, from this list or list of upcoming art books as your prize.


  • Contest name:DC#4: Kung Fu Santa
  • Deadline: 25 December 2010, Saturday, midnight GMT
  • Image size: 1024 px wide
  • Colour mode: RGB
  • File format: JPEG, maximum quality
  • Each person is limited to one entry
  • This giveaway is open to all and where Amazon can ship to -- since I'm getting your prize there.
  • One winner will be chosen by me.

Delivery notes:
You can either send your file as an attachment using email or provide me with an URL to your image file.

Send it to parkablogs at gmail dot com with the subject "DC#4: Kung Fu Santa". If you email doesn't get bounce back, it means I've received your entry.

Other information required:

  • Name
  • Website address (if any)
  • Email


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Parka, I sent in my entry

Parka, I sent in my entry twice (the first one was an older version with a glaring translation error, and the second one is fixed.) Please only post the finished second one. I would like to know that you received both the files and the instructions.

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