If you're seeing white, and images are not loading on RSS...

There have been too many incidents of bots duplicating my content on other websites so I've added hotlink protection on Parkablogs. So now when another website loads my images, a long vertical white space will show.

Someone told me this has affected RSS sites as well, e.g. Feedly, Inoreader, Newsblur, so I've just given access to those websites.

If you're using a RSS reader and is affected, contact me so that I can add the RSS website to the white list with access.

If you see my content being duplicated elsewhere, let me know too. This fight against copyright infringement is never-ending.



Hi Teoh,

Hi Teoh,
Keep in mind that by blocking hotlinking your website's images will disappear from all image searches of all search engines as well.
An effective way to stop it is to change the file name of the images that are hotlinked on other websites and that because the whatever link they put on these other websites is case sensitive. Just add a dot or a random letter on the file names that you detect on other websites and that will solve the problem of hotlinking. The problem with hotlinking is not that much about the copy right infringement but more about overloading and exceeding the bandwidth of your server.

Teoh, I feel your pain though

Teoh, I feel your pain though probably not as often. Many in the pen community contact each other when we find a web site illegally duplicating our RSS feeds and then go through the tedious process of contacting the site host notifying them of the issue.

I do use Feedly to read blogs so hopefully images will appear soon.

Fight the fight!


I use Netvibes as RSS reader and pictures are gone, but not all of them.
In the "Talking threads" post I can see the small picture that links to Amazon. All other pictures are missing.

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