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With this book, now I have all the watercolour sketchbooks of Fabrice Moireau.

The English edition is sold out so I had to buy the French edition.

As usual, the watercolour and art in the book are so beautiful it makes me want to visit France. The colours of the trees and foliage are wonderful. An inspiration.

Fabrice Moireau has drawn 4 sketchbooks about France including these. That's amazing. They are L'ile de tatihou, Paris Sketchbook and Rooftops of Paris.

Highly recommended if you like watercolour art or sketches.

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Hi Parka, there are also

Hi Parka, there are also three sketchbooks of Fabrice Moireau about French gardens.
Les jardins du musée du quai Branly, Le jardin de Claude Monet à Giverny at, and at Notre-Dame d'Orsan.


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