Book Review: 幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品

Update: The English edition of this book is now in stock.

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品

Managed to find a copy of Fantasy+ 3: The Best Hand-Painted Illustrations which I previewed earlier.

However, it's a Chinese translated edition.

The list of artists included are:


幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 01

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 02

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 03

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 04

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 05

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 06

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 07

幻想+ 3:世界最美的手绘艺术作品 - 08

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This book was borrowed from Basheer Graphic Books for review purposes. You can order the book from them. Check with Basheer on Facebook or visit their website.

This is a must have!!!

Hey Parka~

What are the differences between the English and Chinese releases of these books?
Do they have alot of text?
I'm wondering if I should just get the Chinese version or wait for the English release.


Man! It looks like a version of SPECTRUM. They are all missing one of the best Fantasy Artists EVER!! Andrew Goldhawk!

I just happened to stop by one of my favorite artbook stores just earlier today and found a copy of the English version of this book which I snatched up right away. They apparently just got it in their stock this week on their "new release" list, so I expect that it will be put up on Amazon soon. I purchased it for about $33 so it's about the same price as the other two books in the series, and I paid in CAD so everyone else buying on will get it cheaper of course.

For Parka and everyone else who is interested, here's the ISBN from the back of the book: 978-0-9562880-4-2

Even if your local store doesn't carry it, with an ISBN I'm sure you can have it special ordered or get Amazon to move more quickly on it. Good luck! :)

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