Book Review: d'artiste Concept Art

d'artiste Concept Art

Want to paint like the pros? There's nothing better than learning from the pros themselves.

Concept Art is the fourth book in the d'artiste Digital Artists Master Class series. The series is actually a look at the process of creating art in tutorial style. This book presents George Hull, Andrew Jones, Nicolas Bouvier and Viktor Antonov with a total of 12 tutorials.

Each artist has a biography written by themselves on their beginnings, education, inspiration, life and career in art. The tutorials that follow are very well captioned. They explain the style, idea and the execution. Each comes with a still from the work in progress.

Right after the tutorials is an invited artist gallery. That's where the 4 artist choose some of their favourite paintings from other artists and talk about them. This gallery is impressive. Let's just say talent shortage in the art industry is not a big problem.

This book is fairly pricey, as with all Ballistic books. I think it's pretty worth the money, considering that finding tutorials like this on the Internet is nearly impossible.

d'artiste Concept Art - 01

d'artiste Concept Art - 02

d'artiste Concept Art - 03

d'artiste Concept Art - 04

d'artiste Concept Art - 05

d'artiste Concept Art - 06

d'artiste Concept Art - 07

d'artiste Concept Art - 08

d'artiste Concept Art - 09

d'artiste Concept Art - 10

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