Book Review: スカイエマ作品集 (Emma Sky Art Collection)

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I was drawn in my Emma Sky's simple manga style to purchase this book. Sky has an earlier artbook that was published in 2014 called スカイエマ (イラストレーション別冊). The book I have here, if I'm not wrong, is the sequel to that.

This 160-page paperback artbook is almost A5-sized. The paper used is the non glossy matte.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful. I love the simplicity in the drawings and it reminds me of the good old days of reading comics.

The colouring style and scheme she uses is interesting. She likes to use a muted colour scheme so the colours are not as vibrant compared to colouring schemes of bright and vibrant Japanese animation. The colour scheme here works in the background and works well. It creates a mood that's sort of unreal, or that something is off. It's difficult for me to describe. I would say the colour and feel is like the dim sky that is just starting to clear up after a rain.

It's always interesting to see how other artists use colour. I'm quite inspired to use her colour scheme for my watercolour sketches.

There's a lot of art in this book. Lots to see. No text but you don't need that to appreciate the art.

I can recommend this easily to anyone who loves manga or anime style art.

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